the FIRST bird toy line to be *CERTIFIED made in the USA*

GFBToys are proudly made using many parts that are


GFBToys proudly adds the 'Made in USA Brand certification mark'

GFBToys are responsibly designed bird toys!!

GFBToys offer avian enrichment fun in their bird toy creations...

NOTE of interest: GFBToys are made & stored in a bird & critter free environment.

Greenfeather Bird Supply,LLC offers a healthy selection of wholesale bird toys not found with other distributors. Greenfeather Bird Supply,LLC has avian enrichment toys and products made in the USA for your store. Greenfeather Bird Supply,LLC has some of the most creative bird toys, innovative bird toys, foraging bird toys & eco-friendly bird toys to offer your customers!

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We offer: GFBToys...our own line of avian enrichment toys, handmade in the USA. Many of our own bird toy creations are made completely of USA made parts (except the NP hardware). These bird toys are labeled as so. Many of our own bird toys are created using products that are: 'green' or eco-friendly bird toy parts.....straw/palm leaf hats that are woven instead of sewn (threads to be caught by)....wood products from managed forest that are renewable resources....recycled, recyclable & able to be composted grade coloring....drinking water rated plastic coils....playing cards that are from sustainable forest paper, starch-based laminate glue & vegetable-based inks & compost/recyclable....natural colored paper products....natural rubber toys....handmade paper….CA natural & organic fruit (no sulfur or preservatives)….Parrot Pudgies & Parrot Rings….creative foraging bird toy creations....

-"Sqwatters", the flat bird perch...handmade in the USA

-Bird sleepwear- hand sewn in the USA, bird toy parts and much more...

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Our own line of innovative bird toy creations are from watching our diverse species of pet birds play over the last 20+ years & the many years of breeding brotogeris, conures & amazons (retired now). Greenfeather bird toys, our own line, are avian enrichment toys. They stimulate good mental health, comfort, encourage exercise for both body & feet plus gives the curious beak & tongue lots of textures to explore!

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